Do you make corsets for waist-training? (Tightlacing, staylacing)


At Love, Poetry Corsets we want you to love yourself and feel sexy just the way you are! We understand and cater to the desire to look extra sexy for a night out, or for that special someone, or even desiring a slightly more hourglass figure. We don’t, however, want you to feel like you have to wear a corset all the time to be sexy! So, we rarely make corsets for waist training, but we do have plenty of beautiful, ornate corsets, (and will gladly do custom orders) to make you feel like a million bucks!



How do you do sizing?

Our corsets are based on two measurements: Bust and Waist.

To measure these, you need a flexible measuring tape, (not the kind used in home renos!) Wrap it around the fullest part of your bust, it should be snug, but not tight or uncomfortable and should not make a dent in your skin. (Bust measurement is often the same as the number in your bra size.)

Next, do the same thing around the smallest part of your waist (about where your belly button is).

Corsets can be purchased to be up to 3-6″ smaller than your actual measurements as they are measured laced fully in the back. (the only exception is the “Scrunch” style corset, which does not lace up in the back.

When doing a custom order, we do a one on one fitting with you, and take into account all measurements needed to make sure your new corset fits like a dream.



How do I care for my corset?

The best way to clean a corset is to spray it with vodka, and let it dry. The vodka will kill any bacteria and odours. If the corset is soiled, dry-cleaning is ideal, but if you must wash your corset, do it by hand in cool water, and lay on a sweater rack, of drape over a chair or towel rack by the middle back (strings) to dry. Make sure you gently squeeze out as much water as you can first. You can also gently blow dry with a hair drier on a low/cool setting. Keep in mind that the boning in all Love, Poetry Corsets is spiral steel, so you do not want it to be wet for long periods of time of it will rust. You can gently remove deodorant stains from your corset using baby wipes. You can avoid having to wash your corset by wearing something underneath the corset, like a tube top, or by lightly dusting yourself with talcum powder before putting your corset on. Never EVER put your corset in the washing machine or drier!

We include a care instructions sheet with your corset purchase, so you can always have it handy.


What is your return policy?

Custom orders are absolutely non-refundable, but if there is an issue with your corset, we will happily take care of it if brought to our attention within 3 calendar days of receiving it.

All other corsets and dresses may be exchanged within 3 calendar days, in original condition. Return shipping, and shipping of the new item will be paid for by the customer.

All sale items are final sale, as are all intimate items such as undergarments.


Are your corsets mass produced?


No! Every one of our corsets is unique and hand-crafted using quality fabrics, steel boning, and two piece metal grommets. All of our corsets are completely one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated. Each corset features a unique poem written inside, and it’s own name, to give it that extra bit of personality.

Our “collections” are designed by us, and outsourced, in small quantities.



Will you gift-wrap my order?

gift wrap

Absolutely! If your order is a gift, we will be happy to gift-wrap and ship to a different location, complete with a special message to the lucky person it’s for.



Where can I see more of your corsets and other products?

We do try to get to trade shows fairly often, and have a list of upcoming events, (tradeshows, fashion shows, etc) on our About Us page. You can also join our facebook fanpage, model mayhem profile, instagram



Can I model for you? How else can I get involved with the site?

We are often looking for new models both for our photoshoots and our fashion shows. If you live in southwestern Ontario, or are traveling here, send us an email with pictures, measurements and how you are looking to get involved. We also are always looking for great testimonials and pictures of you in your new corset! So if you would like to be displayed on our website, please feel free to email pictures and stories about you and your new corset at dawn@lovepoetrycorsets.com.



How did you get started making corsets?

Our creator, Dawn Rawson (aka Poetry), started making corsets at the age of 18, when she was unable to find a well-made corset to fit her tiny 5 foot frame. Tired of the low quality corsets found at the local “specialty” stores, made with plastic boning, and low quality fabrics, she set about to create something spectacular. She has since created hundreds of beautiful hand-crafted corsets, dresses, and other garments.



Can wearing a corset help me lose weight?

Losing weight is a commitment that involves numerous aspects such as dieting, exercise and lifestyle changes, so a corset alone isn’t going to be your solution. However, it may very well be a great incentive to lose those few extra pounds you keep putting off. When you put on a corset and lace yourself up in front of the mirror, you instantly see results. A flattering silhouette that will make you feel sexy and confident. What better way to boost your confidence and determination?

Wearing a corset will make you more aware of your posture, and sitting or standing up straight will help strengthen and define your core muscles. You instantly look thinner standing up straight, than you do slouched. Wearing a corset will also help you to stop overeating, contributing greatly to weight loss.

Love, Poetry Corsets wants to help you meet your health and fitness goals, and will gladly take in any custom corset that needs altering due to weight loss!

Don’t put off buying your dream corset until you lose those 10lb! Do it now, and see the difference in how you feel!
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