Trish Stratus
Dawn’s work is not just wearable art: it’s thought provoking and her passion for what she does along with her insatiable attention to detail is evident in ALL of her pieces. I’m still floored by how precise my custom corset was created in comparison to what I requested, yet she managed to keep it true to her own flair/flavour! It’s simply gorgeous!
Devika Singh
Hi there you!
My corset came in the mail today – it’s awesome!!!!!!!
So pretty and definitely me. Geoff took a picture of me in it, so I’ll send that along shortly so you can see what a good choice you made.It made my day, and now I can’t wait to wear it out on the town.
XoXo, Kate
Photo: Jennifer Emily
Make up: Erin Meester
Model: Emily K
“I love my Love Poetry Corset! It fits me so perfectly and the workmanship is superb. When I wear my corset it makes me feel flirty, curvy, confident and super sexy! I can’t wait to get my next one!”
Monika Gokstorp
Owner ~ Beautiful Creatures Makeup
It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you are wearing something so beautiful except that it always makes me smile to feel so curvy and sexy. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful children, but they’ve made their mark on my body.
The corset boosts and tucks in all the right places, making your body look great. I, for one, appreciate the help, especially when it comes in such a pretty package!

Leslie, Londonmoms.ca

My birthday gift to myself…custom made so lovin it!!! Dawn ur an amazing talented woman for doing a wonderful fantastic work, I love the lay out and how it turned out thank-u so much hun!!!xoxo

I just want to say that I absolutely adore my Love, Poetry Corset. It’s definitely my most prized piece of lingerie I own. Every time I wear it I feel incredibly sexy and unstoppable! Thanks again!


I bought my first corset from you guys at Fan Expo on the Saturday and you were even kind enough to re-tie it for me after I changed into a dress. I’ve wanted one for years. I just wanted to say, I love it and my boyfriend always comments how my mood immediately picks up when I put it on, and for the entire duration of wearing it. So Thank you very much for having a stall at the con, I wouldn’t have known where to get one otherwise. I hope to see the stall in future years, and I hope to start my own little collection of corsets.
Thank you,

Dawn makes corsets and she is AMAZING, and I stress that because I have helped her and watched her make a corset, I know the good and high quality materials she uses to make her corsets.I have also tried on several corsets. Her corsets suck you in in all the right places yet the spiral steel boning she uses allows you to bend without the fear of bending the metal permanently or hurting your self. Most shops just throw them together in minuets but this Girl is so committed to her work that she has hand glued over 1000 gems to one of her corsets.
If you shop online a corset with plastic or cheap metal boning can run you well over 600$ and that’s not even a custom made one!! Dawn (the maker) makes CUSTOM corsets at less then 500$. I believe in her high quality work soooo much that I am purchasing a corset today. I’m so excited to get something so great for such an amazing price.

Sarah Smith

Lady Katastrophy

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